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1 Jul 2017

Introduction To Kitchen Scales


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Posted By Gordon R.

For someone who doesn't cook, the importance of weighing food and measuring ingredient size may be of little significance. But for a food enthusiast, having the right weight and proportion of the ingredients to be used in a recipe is very essential. To start with, you have to be familiar with the most common weighing scales that are used in the kitchen if you consider in purchasing one.

The first style of kitchen scale I would like to introduce to you is the digital one. The term implies that it is a product of modern technology, and thus, much easier to use and work with. Digital kitchen scales are incremented to one hundredths of a gram and are perfect when you're measuring very tiny items. They are also very easy to read since the exact measurement simply display on the LCD in digital form. Although digital kitchen scales are more convenient to use, they are not the least expensive.

The second type of kitchen scale is the top-loading dial scale or the spring scale as it is commonly known. It is termed as such because it uses a dial to point at a measurement. This type of scale is similar to a digital scale when it comes to the positioning of the platform, which is right above the body. Spring scales are usually weight incremented by of a pound. There are newer models however that come in one tenth of a gram.

If you have been to a trip to the wet market with your mom or your wife, you have probably been introduced to the hanging scale. The hanging scale is quite unlike the digital and spring scale, at least in the way the platform or the basket is positioned. True to its name, the basket where objects are to be weighed is placed hanging from the main body. Moreover, hanging scales are specially made for heavy duty use since they can weigh up to six hundred pounds of meat or crops.

When buying a kitchen scale, consider first the purpose on which you are going to need it. If you are simply using it for household cooking, a digital kitchen scale or a small version spring scale would be enough. However, if you are into meat business, you would probably need kitchen scales which are larger and can be used for heavy duty. You will also need scales that are approved for legal trade if you are in the trade industry.

Never buy a kitchen scale if you are not sure of the quality of the brand name. Above all else, your safety and the safety of other people should be of first priority.


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