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2 Jul 2017

What Is A Measured Building Survey?


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Posted By Ken H.

Measured Building surveys are conducted mainly to produce the plans, divisions, elevations and pictures of the building. The elevations of the buildings are surveyed separately with reflector less equipment, laser scanning and digital photographic devices. They are able to indicate a fundamental outlining and the necessary services and details. Sections can be created at any location of the building and it can either be a simple section or with elevation details.

This survey can be carried out before a building is renovated for commercial use, or after construction work is completed when it is known as a "built survey". This survey will consist of activities like creating partition walls, measure heights and details sanitary fittings, windows, doors, stairs and lift shafts.

This survey produces more accurate results than any other types of surveys. It is very helpful for building architects and developers for redeveloping or refurbishing the large building projects. The requirements are tapes, entire reflector less stations, laser scanning devices and photogrammetry.

The main advantage of this type of survey is that it is possible to carry out a survey on a building or any size, but inside and out. More importantly, they can also be used on buildings or varying shapes and dimensions and are not restricted to traditional structures.

Software such as VITAS, TachyCad and several others are available to make these types of surveys more efficient. These software applications enable the building constructor to make the measurement in 3D and include distances through a hand or wireless measurement with the help of a laser distancer. These software applications will be very helpful in eliminating any possible errors while performing the measured survey. The graphic user interface ability is capable of providing visual control of survey work and their data in a simple way. As this method eliminates the use of papers, it saves time and provides the most accurate data. These software applications run in a laptop, notebook, PC and also on handhelds.

A Tripod trolley Rolly can also be used in this measured survey for surveying many stations. Movement of the equipment from one station to other can be made faster with the help of this rolly. The flat level of the equipment is also reduced. The stations can be held stable due to the 3 lockable castors of the rolly.

With all the latest software and technology at their disposal, the final requirement of a quality measured building survey is that the surveyor himself has the ability to put together a good report, to interpret the information gathered, process the data, communicate the data as well as the ability to proficiently use the technology at his disposal.


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