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20 Jul 2017

If You're a Woodworker, You Need a Woodworking Jig


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Posted By Manuel B.

Woodworking is a good pastime. When you get started, however, you might find out that you're having some difficulties with precision. It is not that easy to produce a perfect rectangle or square while keeping track of all your measurements.

The good news is, there is a solution to the problem. It is a device called a woodworking jig. With a jig, your task is much less difficult because it can do so many things. It will allow you to duplicate the same dimensions and measurements in each one of your projects.

With a jig you can embark on more complex projects that make use of slender wood. With the right jig, you can plane the wood by yourself. Jigs can also be utilized to turn a belt sander upside down and use it for jobs that you never thought possible.

They are a necessary part of every woodworking shop. Jigs are ideal for the repetitive tasks that are demanded by certain projects. So you can get through complex projects faster and manage them more easily.

You can either make your own jigs or purchase them pre-made. Even though they are pretty economical to buy, making your own from pieces of scrap wood is even less costly. There are many patterns available for making your own jigs. You can find them on the internet or in pretty much any store that sells woodworking materials.

When making a jig, use those scrap pieces of plywood that are hanging around. You are likely only going to use the jig for one project, so avoid spending too much cash on supplies. However if you would like a sturdier jig to get you through more than one project, hardwood is a better choice.

It is good to have a few kinds of jigs around so there's always something on hand for the project you are working on. A dovetail jig is essential for accurate dovetail joints. Dowel jigs are useful for making dowels that you can rely on. A self centering jig offers increased precision when using thicker woods.

A Kreg jig is perfect for cabinet making. The drawer slides have to be accurately positioned in order for the drawers to move effortlessly. Kreg jigs make this job significantly easier since you don't need to measure and mark, which makes mounting much less complex. These jigs use a technique known as Kreg joinery, whereby you drill a hole at an angle into one part, and attach it to the other with a self-tapping screw. You get much versatility for very little money. The Kreg Jig K3 Master System is one of their best selling products.


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